Welcome to CoderPad!

This page will launch a Take-Home with test cases for CoderPad. You will have 2 hours to work on a solution and submit the challenge. This challenge requires that you pass 4 out of 4 test cases in order to submit. If you do not have 4 test cases passing, you will not be able to submit, so keep trying!

Once you pass the test cases and submit the Take-Home, we will send CoderPad your name, email, and your completed code. They can then contact you about their next steps!

If you would like to get familiar with the CoderPad environment before you start working, you can try a practice session at our sandbox. Per our privacy policy, we do not use or sell your contact info for any purposes other than connecting you to hiring companies.

Please provide your email on this page, and your name on the next page to start the Take-Home!