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GET /api/quota

This endpoint returns basic information about your organization’s monthly pad quota (or your quota, if you are not a part of an organization). For example, if you are a user in an organization with a monthly quota of 120 pads, the following:

curl \
  -H 'Authorization: Token token="<%= api_key %>"' \


  "status": "OK",
  "trial_expires_at": "2018-01-30T16:16:00.000-08:00",
  "pads_used": 33,
  "quota_reset_at": "2018-01-25T14:51:37.084-08:00",
  "unlimited": false,
  "pads_remaining": 87,
  "monthly_pad_limit": 120

Fields returned:

Field Description
trial_expires_at The date your trial will expire, or has expired, in UTC ISO 8601 format (e.g., 2018-01-25T14:51:37.084-08:00).
pads_used The number of pads used during the current billing cycle.
quota_reset_at The date, in UTC ISO 8601, that your quota was last reset. Pad quotas are reset every billing cycle.
unlimited A boolean indicating whether your billing plan allows for unmetered usage.
pads_remaining The number of pads remaining for the current billing cycle. Not returned if unlimited is true.
monthly_pad_limit The total number of pads allocated for the billing cycle. Not returned if unlimited is true.